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Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 25 22:55:53 UTC 2018

On 2018.02.25 17:29, Michael Harris wrote:
> I'm looking to contribute to kmymoney.
> My previous QT/QML experience was creating KDE Arch Update notifier.
> https://github.com/I-Dream-in-Code/kde-arch-update-plasmoid
> Looking at bugs.kde.org there's some REALLY old bugs that I'm not  
> sure are
> relevant.
> I'm hoping to help with the 5.0 branch.
> My fear is that there's a lot of math involved in the calculations  
> etc that
> I'm not too well versed in.
> I read the patch notes of only having 6 active contributors and  
> hoping to get
> started.
> Where, I'm not sure.
> Beyond bugs I'm hoping to get started contributing to features.
> IRC is pretty dead (true for all KDE irc channels though)
> --
> Best Regards,
> Mike Harris

Welcome to KMyMoney.  (I do documentation, not code, so one of the  
developers will have to respond as to where they could use the most  

IRC is still good - but only if you have a planned discussion so the  
relevant folks are present.  Otherwise, as you noted, it's pretty hit  
or miss if anyone is actually around to respond.

Regarding the old bugs - my personal opinion is that many of them are  
actually suitable for closing as unmaintained at this point, especially  
if they are in an area that has had any changes, and even in areas  
where the interface is still mostly the same, there has been a lot of  
work under the covers.  I think one issue with the old bugs is  
balancing a developers time between actually improving the software and  
doing the admin work of closing old bugs.

As far as math, I don't actually think it's as much as you think, other  
than perhaps a few areas.  Most transactions just add or subtract from  
the balance of two or more accounts.  Currency conversion might be  
complicated arithmetic, but I wouldn't call it serious math.

The developers may suggest otherwise, but from my perspective, the  
highest short term priority is dealing with the regressions that snuck  
in with 5.0.  A few folks, including myself, have issues that have made  
some use of the application impossible or at least extremely  
difficult.  Some are just cosmetic, or very annoying to work around,  
but some are more serious.  You can look through the archives of the  
mailing list (if you haven't been subscribed for a while already) and  
look through the recently filed bugs (if you haven't already).

In terms of desired features, there are quite a few wish-list items  
mixed in with the bugs.  My personal desire is to see work get started  
on a revamp of the investment area.  Allowing cash in an investment  
account is a starting point, but tracking shares (first-in first-out)  
for performance reports and capital gains calculations is probably a  
big area.


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