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On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 2:31 AM, Thomas Baumgart <thb at> wrote:

> Having the DB on a separate server should not make a difference. All
> communication (incl. structure updates etc) between KMyMoney and the SQL
> DB is
> via a communication link.
> I am not sure, if bringing in 5.0 at this point is a good alternative. You
> might have a trouble to go back to 4.8 unless you want to stick with 5.0.
> Since you're building from source also, use the 5.0 branch, not master. It
> already contains a couple of bug-fixes over the released 5.0 version.

The reason I was using Kubuntu  18.04/KMM 5.0 was because 18.04 is
scheduled to be released in April and if this fixed my problem I would just
going to completely upgrade my system to 18.04/5.0 ahead of scheduled.

So while using Kubuntu 18.04/KMM 5.0 I was getting a database user error so
I just temporarily granted the username I am using for KMM all privileges.
I created an empty test account and proceeded to save as DB. I put in the
required information and when I clicked on Ok. Got the error below.

*Error in function int MyMoneyStorageSql::open(const QUrl&, int, bool) :
opening new database*

*Driver = QMYSQL, Host = X.X.X.X, User = kmymoney, Database = /newkmymoney*

*Driver Error: QMYSQL: Unable to connect*

*Database Error No 1049: Unknown database '/newkmymoney'*

*Text: Unknown database '/newkmymoney' QMYSQL: Unable to connect*

*Error type 1*

*Executed: *

*Query error No -1: *

*Error type 0*

I checked the DB server and the Database was created but it was empty.

So I went back to Kubuntu 17.10/KMM (from source) and repeated the
same process. This time the test database was created and the tables were
created. I decided to attempt to open my original database and got the same
error I reported in my first email.

As for difference between vs 4.6.6 I found the following

4.6 has 24 tables vs 23 tables on 4.8:  *kmmtmpfileinfo*

And the following tables have extra columns
Version    tablename   field name
type                          Null?        Default Value
4.8    *kmmfileinfo*      hiOnlineJobId            bigint(20) unsigned
YES         NULL
4.8    *kmmfileinfo*      hiPayeeIdentifierId     bigint(20) unsigned
YES         NULL
4.8    *kmmschedules*    lastDayInMonth          char(1)
                       NO         NULL
4.8    *kmmsplits*        costCenterId               varchar(32)
    YES         NULL

I made a back up of my current DB and added the missing fields to the
corresponding tables and I was able to open the Database. It proceeded load
and when it reached 97% it began to do *testing fileFixVersion*. During the
0 < 4 run it  performed several *Fixed interest action in XXXX* actions. It
then ran *testing fileFixVersion* *1 < 4 and 2 <4 *has been running for a
long time (almost 2hr as of this email). I don't know how long the testing
normally takes but I will let it continue running and see how long it takes
to finish.

I am going to check on it when I wake up. I will report any progress, or
lack there off.
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