another odd, new ofximport issue (auto import to closed account/category)

Jack ostroffjh at
Fri Feb 9 00:30:08 UTC 2018

On 2018.02.08 19:13, Jack Ostroff wrote:
> I just tried doing my monthly ofximports to update my investment  
> accounts (Merrill Lynch).  Based on some notation in the ofx produced  
> by Merrill Lynch, certain transactions have their income assigned to  
> the category "_Dividend".  Oddly, however, I had closed this category  
> in the past so it would not be used.  Today, two transactions were  
> imported and assigned to this category - but I now can't edit them,  
> since it is not allowed to edit a transaction using a closed  
> account.  I know I can reopen the account, fix the transaction, and  
> then re-close it - but isn't it a bug to assign a new transaction to  
> a closed account?
(Well - the first message probably won't make it to the list anyway,  
since I sent from an unsubscribed account)

This is even stranger than I thought.  The _Dividend category is NOT  
left over from previous use.  KMM just created it.  These two imported  
transactions are the ONLY transactions in this category.  When I go to  
edit this category, the dialog says "New Account Dialog" but there is  
no indication of an open or closed status.  If I try to delete the  
category, the list of other categories for assigning the transactions  
is empty, so I can't delete it.

I can "Accept" the transactions using it, which removes the yellow  
background color.  However, I cannot (re)open it,  I cannot delete it.   
I cannot edit the transactions using it.  I cannot delete the  
transactions using it.  Huh?  Do I have to remove them by editing the  
kmy file?


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