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great work.

On Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018 19:57:59 CET Jack wrote:

> On 2018.02.01 18:53, Jack Ostroff wrote:
> > The current Accounts view description says there are four account
> > categories:  Asset, Liability, Income, and Expense.  Only the first
> > two are actually described there.  If I am correct, Income and
> > Liability accounts only include Categories, and so will never be
> > shown on the Accounts view, only on the Categories view.  If this is
> > correct, I will remove mention of the latter two from this page, as
> > it only serves to confuse.  I assume they will be mentioned when
> > describing the Categories view, which is probably the best place to
> > explain the always confusing issue of categories being accounts, but
> > only as used internally by KMM, not as presented to the user in
> > general.

There's a setting on the General/Filter where you control to show Income/Expense in the 
accounts view.

> > I don't plan to change much about these descriptions in this round of
> > edits, but as this area seems always to be the cause of confusion, I
> > am always open to better ways of describing it.

> Has the icon view of the Accounts view been removed?

For quite some time now:

commit be7f06044e17d54560873c8730e640d4efcfabc4 
icon view, we all agreed at Randa that it does not have any useful purpose.



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