change in reports?

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the usual question: which version are you using?


On Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017 16:59:31 CET Jack wrote:

> I'm doing some preliminary end of year tax planning, so I modified one
> of my tax reports from last year just changing the dates to this year,
> and then exported to csv.  I have a script that adjusts some of the
> columns so things look better to me when imported into LibreOffice.
> Unfortunately, the script didn't work correctly, as it appears this
> year the export of negative numbers uses parentheses (123.45) instead
> of a negatives sign -123.45.  Is this something that was intentionally
> changed that I just missed, or is it something I can configure (or even
> adjust with a local patch) ?  I can certainly adjust my script, but I'd
> rather not have to, if there is any easier fix.
> Thanks.
> Jack



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