[kmymoney4] [Bug 378377] Allow investment accounts to include cash

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Mon Apr 3 15:49:12 UTC 2017


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I think you're mixing up stuff.
You cannot count apples (e.g. dollars) and peanuts (e.g. facebook stock) in one
and the same account.
I think separate accounts for counting one and the another is the only way.
How do you think logic of your desired account should look like?

(In reply to Jack from comment #2)
> Different companies do it different ways.  In my case (Merrill Lynch) it
> really is a single account for both securities and cash.  
> I suppose it would be best to allow either method, which makes the change a
> bit more involved.  When creating an investment account, you get to choose
> whether cash goes into the same account or a separate brokerage account. 
> Perhaps the internals are that the brokerage account points to the same
> account instead of a different one.  The only danger there would be if the
> brokerage account were separate (as the current situation) then it should
> not be possible to accidentally put cash in the investment account.

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