New OFX direct connect problem (BOA)

Jack ostroffjh at
Fri Sep 9 23:21:52 UTC 2016

On 2016.09.08 21:00, Jack wrote:
> I've been downloading transactions for my Bank of America credit card  
> for months without problems, until a week or two ago, when I started  
> getting "The file or folder does not exist."   
> On the console, I see
> OfxImporterPlugin::updateAccount
> creating job
> Job finished
> Closing tempfile
> Tempfile closed
> Show error message
> Finishing slotOfxFinished
> which seems to show no response from the bank.  However, I have  
> unmapped and successfully remapped the account (KMM OFX).  I have not  
> yet tried wireshark to see if any packets are returning.
> Does this ring any bells for anyone?  I've also posted at ofxhome,  
> and I suppose I'll have to break down and call BOA - they won't take  
> any help calls by email except for statement requests....

I just wasted a bunch of time with Bank of America Technical Support  
(not very technical) but it seems that they have created new  
credentials for connecting within the past few weeks, and it should be  
called Bank of America Credit Cards.  This entry is not currently on  
the list of what KMM displays for mapping an account, so whoever  
actually prepares that list needs to update it with the new  
information.  Unfortunately, the tech did not have any knowledge of the  
underlying information (URL, FID, ...) so I'll start hunting myself.


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