error compiling gwenhywfar for qt5

Jack ostroffjh at
Tue May 31 21:12:56 UTC 2016

I'm still waiting to see what the official Gentoo response will be to  
get gwenhywfar to include qt5.  I did find some configure hand-waving  
which made it work.  Gwenhywfar already has a "--guis='x y z'"  
configure parameter, but just adding qt5 isn't enough.  The one thing I  
discovered is that many of the qt related utilities (at least under  
Gentoo) are actually symlinks to a program qtchooser, which calls the  
appropriate version, based either on a command line flag (--qt=5 or  
--qt=4) or else something in the environment.  (so "moc --qt=4" or "moc  
--qt=5 as appropriate)  Simply adding --qt5-moc='moc --qt=5' to the  
configure was not quite enough but I'd have to go dig up the script I  
used to get the final bit that finally worked.

More details on Gentoo - the actual utilities are under  
/usr/lib/qt/qt4/ and /usr/lib/qt/qt5/ so they can still have the same  
name - it is qtchooser which dispatches the correct one.

Also - the error I got about not finding <QDialog> was indeed because  
it was still using the qt4 version of qmake (I think.)  Once I got the  
qt5 stuff properly included, that problem went away.


On 2016.05.31 16:44, Christian Dávid wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> I am sorry for answering this late. The solution you found is “the  
> right one”.
> The issue of the configure script is that the name of qmake and moc  
> are
> different if the distribution supports Qt 4 & 5 (moc & moc-qt5 might  
> be good
> guesses). If you (or somebody else) has an idea to make this easier,  
> any
> recommendations are welcome.
> Greetings
> Christian
> > Jack <ostroffjh at> hat am 23. Mai 2016 um 23:52
> geschrieben:
> >
> >
> > On 2016.05.18 16:26, Jack wrote:
> > > Under Gentoo, the ebuild for gwenhywfar-4.15.3 did not have any
> > > reference to qt5, which is clearly needed for KDE Frameworks.
> > > Including qt5 in the guis to be built looks good until compiling
> > > gui/qt5/qt5dialogbox.cpp which includes qt5dialogbox.hpp, which  
> has a
> > > line "#include <QDialog>" which fails with  
> "qt5dialogbox.hpp:16:19:
> > > fatal error: QDialog: No such file or directory".  QDialog is  
> indeed
> > > present under /usr/lib/qt5/QTWidgets/ so I don't see why it  
> shouldn't
> > > find it.
> […]

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