Can't build gitHEAD version on windows

Jack ostroffjh at
Sun May 15 20:58:58 UTC 2016

I can confirm Jeff's description of the KDE Windows Emerge system.   
They rarely create a new .py file for a package.  I haven't figured out  
exactly when, but probably only if there are really major changes, such  
as the build system for the package.  Otherwise, the .py file just gets  
edited to refer to new versions, and to occasionally change the default  
version it compiles if you don't specify which verssion (target in  
their terminology).  It also handles version specific patches, although  
it's not clear to me where any of those patches come from.  I suppose  
it's possible, for example, to cherry pick a patch from a newer version  
and apply it to the previous version.

One problem with the whole KDE Windows environment is that it seems to  
be a bit of a moving target.  I work with it every few months, and I  
often spend the first few hours updating my setup to deal with  
changes.  Right now, it's running, installing all the pre-reqs for KMM  
frameworks branch.  It seems the kdewin developers are concentrating on  
getting the frameworks version fully functional, and not doing much  
about the kde4 stuff.


On 2016.05.15 13:55, aga wrote:
> On 15/05/16 18:42, jeffjl.kde at wrote:
>> To clarify - After searching for a way to build KMM on Windows, I  
>> ended
>> up with "emerge". It will (with quite a few fixes since it is a bit  
>> out
>> of date) download and build everything needed to build KMM on a pure
>> Windows system, e.g. mingw, gcc, msys, QT, KDE, libraries, and KMM.  
>> The
>> emerge scripts create build folders based upon the names of the  
>> script
>> files. It looks like the script file names are not always maintained  
>> and
>> many script file names have versions and dates that are different  
>> from
>> what they actually download and build. The script in emerge for KMM
>> built version 4.6.4 but was still named  
>> "". I
>> modified the script to pull the master branch from git (that option  
>> was
>> in the original script but was not used) but I didn't change the  
>> script
>> file name (a new script name would disconnect it from the emerge git
>> repository). So the git master branch is getting built in the folder
>> tree containing the name "kmymoney-4.6.1-20110918". I am not mixing
>> versions. Sorry for the confusion.
> OK, Jeff.  Thanks for that info.  A little knowledge....
> Allan
>> Yes, the "emerge --cleanbuild" removed the entire KMM build folder  
>> tree.
>> Next time I do a build I will capture the actual error messages and  
>> file
>> a bug report.
>> Thanks.
>>   Jeff.
>>  > Hi Jeff
>>  >
>>  > See below.
>>  > >> jeffjl.kde at hat am 7. Mai 2016 um 05:53 geschrieben:
>>  > >> Hi Christian,
>>  > >>
>>  > >> I just tried
>>  > >> "emerge --cleanbuild kmymoney"
>>  > >>
>>  > >> which removed everything under
>> ...\build\extragear\kmymoney-4.6.1-20110918\work\mingw4-RelWithDebInfo-gitHEAD"
>>  >
>>  > I'm puzzled by the reference to "kmymoney-4.6.1-20110918". Why is  
>> it
>>  > not referencing the 4.7.xxxxx location? There can be problems if  
>> there
>>  > is more than one KMM version installed.
>>  >
>>  > I must add that I know nothing about Windows installs so ignore  
>> me if I
>>  > am talking rubbish.
>>  >
>>  > Allan

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