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first of all: sorry for the late reply. I am just too busy.

More inline below.

On Tuesday 26 April 2016 08:37:49 Szőts Ákos wrote:

> Dear All,
> I would like to kindly ask you if you can tell an estimate about the
> release of KF5 version of KMyMoney. As I see in the commit log [1] the
> framework branch gets some love from time to time. How usable is it in its
> current state?

I cannot really tell, as the frameworks branch is coordinated by Cristian 
Onet. Maybe he can leave some information about his plans, but I know that he 
is very busy as well.

All I can say is, that three KMyMoney devs take part in this years Randa 
Sprint Meeting for a full week in June and one of the goals is to continue (I 
try to avoid the word complete here even though it would be nice to reach it) 
the work on the KF5 version. Another subject in that matter (spread over many 
teams participating in the meeting) is multiplatform availability.

http://randa-meetings.ch/2016/02/23/spread-to-more-platforms-registrations-for-randa-meetings-2016-open/ has some more details on that.

> KDEPIM guys did a lot of fixes and features for the PIM in the 16.04
> version [2]. I love KMyMoney and don't want to abandon it, but I also would
> like to get the fixes for the rest of the PIM suite.

We understand that and do our best with the available resources.



Thomas Baumgart

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