consistency check strangeness

Jack ostroffjh at
Tue Mar 1 01:32:40 UTC 2016

I'm currently getting lots of message from the consistency check that I  
do not have a stock price set on or before the opening date of the  
account (presumably the account of the equity itself, not the  
investment account.)  In all cases I have checked so far, there is a  
buy transaction on that opening date, but there is no transaction based  
price for that date (or on any other date for that price,  when I have  
looked.)  I have been able to fix this by editing the transaction and  
saving it without making any changes.  That creates the transaction  
based price for that date.  I'm pretty sure that those errors have not  
been present since I imported those transactions (mostly in 2009 and  
2010) but I don't really know when they showed up.  (I often have at  
least a few of those messages, and have historically dealt with them in  
batches, so I don't always look at them in detail.)

I can think of several ways this could happen, but none of them make  
much sense.  I'm pretty sure I have had periods of no messages from  
consistency check since adding/importing at least some of those  
transactions, so it is not likely I have simply forgotten those  
messages have always been present.  I can't imagine the program  
deleting any or all of those prices, since there is nothing in common,  
except that they are for the initial buy transactions.  I don't think  
the date of all or even any of those transactions have been changed,  
but in a few cases, I don't see a price for exactly the buy price, even  
on a different date.

Can anyone think of anything I might be missing, or is my memory simply  
dissolving faster than I realized?


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