[kmymoney4] [Bug 361865] Dialog uses 'share' when in fact referring to shares and/or bonds (i.e., securities)

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I would tend to prefer the "expected results" in the comments in the original
bug report:

1) Buy securities
2) Sell securities
3) Dividend
4) Reinvest dividend
5) Yield
6) Add securities
7) Remove securities
8) Split shares
9) Interest income

Bonds are issued in some face value ($1000 or $10,000) and "you buy a bond" or
"you buy 10 bonds".  You don't buy 10 shares of bonds, that in my opinion is
bad "financial" English.  The term "shares" comes from the fact that when you
buy a stock you have the right to "share" in the future profits of the company,
when you buy a bond you get no such thing.   Also, note in the list above that
it correctly did not modify "Split shares" to "Split securities" as "splitting"
only applies to stocks.

That said, using "securities", although accurate (both stocks and bonds are
securities), may not be optimal when you're entering a buy or sell transaction
for a stock.  I think most people tend to have a better feel for stocks than
bonds and I think the term "shares" comes to mind more quickly when thinking
about stocks than does the term "securities."  And I can't think of a better
term to refer to both.

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