KMM 4.7.2 is VERY SLOW (unusable)

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Sat Apr 16 19:05:16 UTC 2016

Hello maillist, I am VERY sorry if this email made it to the list, but  
I cannot confirm it did (I searched the archives and my archive  
folders) and I have not heard back at all so I assume my first attempt  
was not successful (I had firewall issues at that time so..).

Again I apologize if I am bumping this topic.

Since I migrated to 4.7.2 from 4.6.2, KMM became extremely slow, to  
the point of not being able to produce any significant work.  Every  
click of the mouse takes between 5 & 10 seconds no matter what I am  
loading (contextual popup, or loading a ledger, or payees, etc).  This  
is noticeably slower when in the Accounts page but overall, its slow   
to the point that it becomes frustrating to use it.  For example,  
opening a report takes almost a minute,,,,

I eliminated database problems with a replication to another DB, then  
using 4.6.2 on this replicated DB, it is much much faster and snappier  
(when I do something something happens).

I noticed KMM 4.7.2 is fast for a few minutes when I start it back up,  
but after that delay, it becomes hellish.

CPU and RAM are comfortably low (<10% CPU, RAM < 1.5GB) but  
nevertheless, I noticed CPU is always between 7-10% unless I do  
nothing at all (let it alone).

Is there a debug mode or something I could do to pinpoint the source  
of this extreme lack of performance?  Has anybody else noticed 4.7.2  
being notoriously slower than previous releases?

Searching the KDE bugs, BUG 360874[1] seems to be similar or somewhat  
related to what I am experiencing, except that I am running on Linux  
Mint 17.3.  Workstation has quad core AMD Phenom II X4 965 at 3.4GHz,  
and 12GB DDR3-1600 RAM.


[1] https://centos-mail/horde/whups/ticket/?id=360874
  Louis-Philippe Allard
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