Problems building

Christian David christian-david at
Wed Apr 13 08:56:43 UTC 2016

Hi Mitch,

USE_QT_DESIGNER known to be broken. I recommend to compile KMyMoney without the flag. Maybe it works if you enable it later – but probably not.


> Mitch Frazier <mitch at> hat am 13. April 2016 um 04:59 geschrieben:

> I've cloned kmymoney from the git repository and it builds fine, but when I
> try to enable the USE_QT_DESIGNER option I get numerous linker errors when
> it tries to link  A couple representative errors are
> pasted below.  After looking at the code and the errors a bit and seeing
> that "kmymoney" is defined in main.cpp, it appears to me that this is an
> option that has not been maintained and is currently unusable.  Is that
> correct, or should this option be buildable?

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