Review Request 127556: Quit application if all windows were closed, refactor main()

Christian David christian-david at
Sat Apr 2 18:37:56 UTC 2016

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Review request for KMymoney and Cristian OneČ›.

Repository: kmymoney


Allow QApplication to quit if all windows were closed. Otherwise
KMyMoney would never shut down.

Used this commit for minor changes which simplify the code.

Most important is the removal of ```app.setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(false);```. Is there a reason why it was added?


  kmymoney/kmymoney.cpp 0d0a317d753e9c48740180d13235163928687b2c 
  kmymoney/main.cpp cf77030aeb7de0f744bc2cf928514568d564e2e8 



Started and closed the app.


Christian David

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