[Kmymoney-devel] [Kmymoney] Need Interest category in Reinvest activity?

Jack ostroffjh at frontier.com
Tue Sep 8 18:08:42 UTC 2015

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On 2015.09.08 13:20, aga wrote:
> On 08/09/15 16:59, Jack wrote:
>> On 2015.09.08 09:45, aga wrote:
>>> On 31/08/15 21:58, David Houlden wrote:
>>>> On Monday 31 August 2015 13:43:27 Jack wrote:
>>>>> On 2015.08.31 12:08, aga wrote:
>>>>>> I've been wrestling for a while with
>>>>>> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=347166 "Price/share" field  
>>>>>> on
>>>>>> investment transaction entry form is mislabeled. Actually is  
>>>>>> total
>>>>>> buy/sale amount.
>>>>>> Jack has noticed that if a Dividend transaction is edited to be a
>>>>>> Reinvest, the price field has no label.  I then found that this
>>>>>> happens also with Buy or Sell transactions.  That is easily  
>>>>>> fixed.
>>>>>> Then I noticed that once the above edit has completed, the
>>>>>> resulting transaction is unbalanced, that is, it has an incorrect
>>>>>> interest amount.  The erroneous amount corresponds with the  
>>>>>> amount
>>>>>> of the original Dividend transaction.
>>>>>> I've been trying to eradicate that, but the only way I've found,  
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> to remove the Interest field from Reinvest transactions (and
>>>>>> presumably Buy and Sell, but I've not looked at them).
>>>>>> a)  Is this likely to be a problem to anyone?
>>>>>> b)  Can anyone see a better way to resolve this?  I'm sure there
>>>>>> must be one.
>>>>>> Allan
>>>>> First, whether that field is total amount or price per share  
>>>>> depends
>>>>> on the configuration, and I think there are multiple levels, in  
>>>>> that
>>>>> you can specify specifically for that equity, for that investment
>>>>> account, and overall for KMM.
>>>>> I don't see how you can remove the interest field from a reinvest
>>>>> transaction.  I use that to specify (using different categories)
>>>>> whether the amount is taxable or not, dividend, foreign dividend,  
>>>>> .....
>>>> I also don't see how you can remove it. I have dividends which get
>>>> reinvested and the dividend has to be reported as income at tax  
>>>> year
>>>> end. The interest field is used for that information.
>>>> Dave.
>>> A supplementary question, now.
>>> In the process of testing, I noticed that the Buy transaction allows
>>> input of a dividend amount, but that amount is discarded on saving.
>>> Can anyone see a legitimate need for a Dividend on a Buy  
>>> transaction?
>>> It seems to me to be a bit improbable, but others may differ.
>>> Either way, if the field is needed, I think it needs fixing.
>>> What say you, anyone?
>>> Allan
>> There are cases where you get a "bonus" of extra shares when  
>> purchasing
>> an annuity, for example.  While you could record this as a purchase  
>> and
>> a separate reinvest dividend, I think it's more accurate to record  
>> it as
>> interest on the initial purchase.  Certainly not a critical need, but
>> not unheard of.
>> Jack
> Thanks Jack
> I think I'd have been inclined to 'Add' the extra shares.
> While before I became involved, KMM had tried to limit the number and  
> types of fields for the different investment actions, more and more  
> am I thinking, the user knows best.  In off-the- beaten-track  
> situations, he will want to allocate fields to suit his individual  
> needs, and a different user may want to do the same thing in a  
> different manner.
> So, while it may be unusual to have an interest category on a Buy  
> transaction, a user may want to use that field to suit his perceived  
> requirement.  Your current example and my different slant are  
> therefore apposite.
> In view of this, I think I need to correct the present operation for  
> Buy transactions.
What I would consider of primary importance would be to get my KMM  
record to match what would be reported to the tax authorities.  If I  
simply got the extra shares, with no income reported, then add shares  
would be fine.  On the other hand, if the extra shares got reported as  
some sort of interest or dividend, then that's how I would prefer to  
record it in KMM.  Unfortunately, in this particular case, I no longer  
remember exactly how it was handled, so I don't have a very strong  
opinion, just weakly in favor of allowing an interest split in a buy  

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