[Kmymoney-devel] [Kmymoney] Need Interest category in Reinvest activity?

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 17:20:43 UTC 2015

To both lists.

On 08/09/15 16:59, Jack wrote:
> [which list do we want this on - it started on both, but one got dropped
> somewhere]
> On 2015.09.08 09:45, aga wrote:
>> On 31/08/15 21:58, David Houlden wrote:
>>> On Monday 31 August 2015 13:43:27 Jack wrote:
>>>> On 2015.08.31 12:08, aga wrote:
>>>>> I've been wrestling for a while with
>>>>> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=347166 "Price/share" field on
>>>>> investment transaction entry form is mislabeled. Actually is total
>>>>> buy/sale amount.
>>>>> Jack has noticed that if a Dividend transaction is edited to be a
>>>>> Reinvest, the price field has no label.  I then found that this
>>>>> happens also with Buy or Sell transactions.  That is easily fixed.
>>>>> Then I noticed that once the above edit has completed, the
>>>>> resulting transaction is unbalanced, that is, it has an incorrect
>>>>> interest amount.  The erroneous amount corresponds with the amount
>>>>> of the original Dividend transaction.
>>>>> I've been trying to eradicate that, but the only way I've found, is
>>>>> to remove the Interest field from Reinvest transactions (and
>>>>> presumably Buy and Sell, but I've not looked at them).
>>>>> a)  Is this likely to be a problem to anyone?
>>>>> b)  Can anyone see a better way to resolve this?  I'm sure there
>>>>> must be one.
>>>>> Allan
>>>> First, whether that field is total amount or price per share depends
>>>> on the configuration, and I think there are multiple levels, in that
>>>> you can specify specifically for that equity, for that investment
>>>> account, and overall for KMM.
>>>> I don't see how you can remove the interest field from a reinvest
>>>> transaction.  I use that to specify (using different categories)
>>>> whether the amount is taxable or not, dividend, foreign dividend, .....
>>> I also don't see how you can remove it. I have dividends which get
>>> reinvested and the dividend has to be reported as income at tax year
>>> end. The interest field is used for that information.
>>> Dave.
>> A supplementary question, now.
>> In the process of testing, I noticed that the Buy transaction allows
>> input of a dividend amount, but that amount is discarded on saving.
>> Can anyone see a legitimate need for a Dividend on a Buy transaction?
>> It seems to me to be a bit improbable, but others may differ.
>> Either way, if the field is needed, I think it needs fixing.
>> What say you, anyone?
>> Allan
> There are cases where you get a "bonus" of extra shares when purchasing
> an annuity, for example.  While you could record this as a purchase and
> a separate reinvest dividend, I think it's more accurate to record it as
> interest on the initial purchase.  Certainly not a critical need, but
> not unheard of.
> Jack

Thanks Jack

I think I'd have been inclined to 'Add' the extra shares.

While before I became involved, KMM had tried to limit the number and 
types of fields for the different investment actions, more and more am I 
thinking, the user knows best.  In off-the- beaten-track situations, he 
will want to allocate fields to suit his individual needs, and a 
different user may want to do the same thing in a different manner.

So, while it may be unusual to have an interest category on a Buy 
transaction, a user may want to use that field to suit his perceived 
requirement.  Your current example and my different slant are therefore 

In view of this, I think I need to correct the present operation for Buy 



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