[Kmymoney-devel] Online-banking in KMyMoney

Christian Dávid christian-david at web.de
Wed Jun 3 20:26:46 UTC 2015

Am Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015, 22:20:27 schrieb Thomas Baumgart:
> After the latest changes in AqBanking (which actually only affect
> transaction  download) I have used the SEPA transfers a few times on an
> iTan managed account. I have yet to test it against a smartTan managed one
> (e.g. Postbank).

I mainly use smartTan which is called chipTan by my bank.

> So far things look good. I am seeing the following issues so far:
> 1) BIC: for internation transfers the BIC is required but not for national 
> ones. But I have to enter it for any transaction before I can actually
> store  or send a job. Can we add a national/internation switch somehow and
> get rid of BIC entry for national transfers?

This was actually a bug. I'll needed some time to find it, I just pushed the fix 
minutes ago.

It is even more intelligent than a switch: KMyMoney checks if the IBAN of the 
origin account and the beneficiary's IBAN match and if they are from SEPA 
countries. If both is true, the BIC is not required.

> 2) We have the capability to store account information with the payee
> object  but we cannot re-use them while creating transaction jobs. It would
> be great that the beneficiary in the transfer creation would be tied to the
> payee objects and collect account information from it.

Sure. Unfortunately this is quite some work. I plan to create a 
QAbstract...Model which reads all payees and creates a list of all IBANs etc. 
from it. Qt has no methods/classes to handle multiple completion, because if 
you select a payee by name, it must be able to complete the IBAN and BIC field 
as well (<- here is the "quite some work").

> 3) Some banks (the one I use for example) does not send the transaction
> posted  as part of the statement download until they actually processed it.
> In case of a weekend with adjacent holidays this could be several days
> (e.g. last weekend at Pentecost). I created a transaction Friday night and
> did not see it in the account's ledger until Tuesday. It would be cool if
> the logic could create a KMyMoney transaction in the ledger (which can
> later be matched by the data of the statement) so that the user has instant
> feedback on the charge/deposit.

It's my plan that sent transactions automatically are entered as scheduled 
transactions – this was actually one of the main reasons for me to start the 

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