[Kmymoney-devel] Cherry-pick to 4.7

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 12:33:50 UTC 2015


>> Next problem.  I've done the cherry-pick and have checked the diff.
>> However, normally I push to master like - ssh-add ~//.ssh//id_rsa && git
>> push kde:kmymoney, but I think I need to push to 4.7, but I don't know
>> the exact address to use.  I've had a few guesses, but don't want the
>> police calling.
> I do

For a few seconds, I read that as you were wanting the police to call 
(which I could understand),
>       git push kde:kmymoney 4.7
> w/o the ssh stuff you do up-front, but that part might differ for you
> depending your local setup.

That did the trick, obviously I missed that permutation.  Thanks.

> If you want to verify that the last commit (your cherry-pick) did the right
> thing, you could always see the last commit on the current branch using the
> following command:
>       git diff HEAD^..
> which is actually
>       git diff HEAD^..HEAD
> but one could ommit the final HEAD.

Yes, that looks OK, and the "...you can view this commit at ..." also 
looks OK, but it doesn't show at

Perhaps there's a delay?

>> Apart from that, it would be good to have all the steps necessary to do
>> a commit to 4.7
> By now, you should have them all:
>   - git checkout 4.7
>   - <do what ever is necessary to add your changes (commit/cherry-pick)>
>   - <which includes your testing>
>   - git push kde:kmymoney 4.7
> and don't forget to switch back to master ;)

Thanks Thomas, and Christian.

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