[Kmymoney-devel] Strangeness trying to delete a security

Jack ostroffjh at frontier.com
Mon Aug 17 00:19:12 UTC 2015

Thanks for trying.  Hopefully I will have time to create a minimal test  
.kmy file, or at least confirm (or modify) the instructions.  Also  
hopefully it doesn't actually require importing, although with only  
manual entry, I'm not sure if it is ever possible to get an unmatched  
transaction anywhere.


On 2015.08.16 20:05, aga wrote:
> No explanations, but I have differing results.
> <snip>
>> So - I think this can be reproduced by:
>> 1 - create an investment account with associated brokerage account.
>> 2 - enter a dividend transaction in the investment account. (create a
>> new equity if necessary, you do not need any shared in it.)
>> 3 - edit that transaction in the brokerage account and delete the $0
>> split referring to the equity.
>> 4 - confirm the transaction is gone from the investment account
> OK up to (4).
>> 5 - delete all prices for that equity.
> There were no shares, so no prices to delete.
>> 6 - confirm you are unable to delete the equity.
> Was able to delete the security.
>> 7 - go to the category view, double click the dividend category to  
>> see
>> its ledger view.  See an unmatched transaction, accept the match
> No unmatched transaction.
>> 8 - you are now able to delete the equity.
> Already done.
> Initially, I used an existing investment account.  The results were  
> much the same.
> Then, I tried again, after entering another transaction, with shares.
> I deleted the price, but couldn't delete the security. Again, no  
> unmatched transaction.
> I'm too bleary eyed to continue.
> Allan
>> Is there a bug somewhere in here?  I know it is a very unlikely
>> scenario, so actually doing anything about it is a very low priority,
>> but I don't want to open a bug report if this can actually be  
>> explained
>> as proper behavior.
>> Thanks for any explanations.
>> Jack
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