[Kmymoney-devel] Strangeness trying to delete a security

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 00:05:54 UTC 2015

No explanations, but I have differing results.

> So - I think this can be reproduced by:
> 1 - create an investment account with associated brokerage account.
> 2 - enter a dividend transaction in the investment account. (create a
> new equity if necessary, you do not need any shared in it.)
> 3 - edit that transaction in the brokerage account and delete the $0
> split referring to the equity.
> 4 - confirm the transaction is gone from the investment account
OK up to (4).
> 5 - delete all prices for that equity.
There were no shares, so no prices to delete.
> 6 - confirm you are unable to delete the equity.
Was able to delete the security.
> 7 - go to the category view, double click the dividend category to see
> its ledger view.  See an unmatched transaction, accept the match
No unmatched transaction.
> 8 - you are now able to delete the equity.
Already done.

Initially, I used an existing investment account.  The results were much 
the same.

Then, I tried again, after entering another transaction, with shares.
I deleted the price, but couldn't delete the security. Again, no 
unmatched transaction.

I'm too bleary eyed to continue.


> Is there a bug somewhere in here?  I know it is a very unlikely
> scenario, so actually doing anything about it is a very low priority,
> but I don't want to open a bug report if this can actually be explained
> as proper behavior.
> Thanks for any explanations.
> Jack
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