[Kmymoney-devel] kmymoney odd behaviour

Charli chl at mora.me.uk
Tue Apr 21 14:06:20 UTC 2015

Hi kmymoney devs -

Bug report - slightly irritating

Summary: on a scheduled transfer set up as "pay to" the receiving 
account picks up the wrong payee if you edit the payee field after 
setting up the transaction

On "scheduled transactions" among the "Transfers" the payee put into the 
ledger is sometimes incorrect. The program seems to pick an old payee 
instead of the one saved in the scheduled transaction panel. This 
appears only in the account receiving the money; the account paying out 
picks up the correct payee

Comments - possibly relevant:

I have just created a further testing scheduled transaction and entered 
it twice. Both seem to have worked OK

I have now edited the payee in the newly-created schedule. The 
newly-edited payee appears OK in the account the money is transferred 
from, but the payee comes up as the one before editing in the account 
receiving the money. I am using the "Pay to" option on the left side of 
the scheduled transaction window

I have just tried editing an earlier scheduled transaction (which hasn't 
been edited before), and it too is now showing a wrong payee (ie, the 
pre-editing one) in the account receiving the money; the account paying 
has recorded OK. It is now, after editing, showing the same error as the 

Hope this helps you


I should say - thanks for this program; I've been using it for several 
years having transferred data from Quicken. It satisfies by OCD 
tendencies and it wonderful when I have to hassle my kids and partner 
when they go spending-mad


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