[Kmymoney-devel] odd backup error

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Sun Apr 19 06:46:35 UTC 2015


On Sunday 19 April 2015 08:14:57 Thomas Baumgart wrote:


> > I can confirm this is the issue.  I had never noticed before, but if
> > KMM is launched from command line, when you do a file/backup, it does
> > echo a newline to the console.  If I put KMM in the background, it
> > behaves the same.  However, if I then close the console from which I
> > launched it, trying to do a backup gives a popup "Error mounting
> > device."
> I was trying to duplicate this behavior, but whatever I do to put KMyMoney
> into the background and close the console will also close KMyMoney. I guess,
> I will learn something new when you describe how you do that exactly. I am
> using Konsole as the terminal program.

Using xterm as the console I was able to duplicate the problem.

> > Would the easiest change be to 'echo > /dev/null' ?  You might also
> > just use the "true" command, but I don't know if that is present on all
> > OSs where KDE runs.
> I will figure out something, once I am able to duplicate the problem. I am
> glad that we finally know what causes the problem. I had never thought of
> your use case.

Redirecting does not solve the issue. I change it to use 'true' which is POSIX 
compliant, so it should be available on other platforms as well. I doubt that 
the backup feature works on Windows the way it is implemented right now 
anyway. MacOSX should be no problem as it is more *NIX style. I bet Marco will 
chime in if he sees a problem.



Thomas Baumgart

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