[Kmymoney-devel] KMyMoney Widgets

Christian Dávid christian-david at web.de
Mon Jun 2 09:43:10 UTC 2014


It is me again. Every time I try to compile my plugin and I use e.g

new kMyMoneyScheduledCalendar(this);

I get this error:
../../../../lib/libwidgets.a(kmymoneybriefschedule.cpp.o): In function 
[…]/kmymoney/widgets/kmymoneybriefschedule.cpp:101: undefined reference to 

I checked and the target which contains this function is in 
target_link_libraries of my plugin. So I am really stuck here (for the second 
day now :( ).

If I remove the line "new kMyMoneyScheduledCalendar(this);" it compiles again 
[1]. Does someone have an idea how to solve this issue?


[1] The same issue occurs if I use my own class. But this example is easier to 
reproduce for you.

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