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Chris DeveloperChris at rebel.com.au
Sun Jun 1 00:45:42 UTC 2014

I use windows 7 and don't have this problem.

during installation you need to run as admin (most times win7 is smart 
enough to do that for you), but after that everything should be fine.

Rebel Software <http://www.rebel.com.au>

On 31/05/2014 11:05 PM, Alvaro Soliverez wrote:
> There's something wrong if it has to run in administrator mode, and
> I'd certainly not put that in the instructions.
> On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 6:58 AM, Allan <agander93 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> cc'd to Jack and to whom it may concern re update to instructions/guide?
>> Allan
>> On 30/05/14 14:58, Alec Evans wrote:
>>> Hi Alvaro,
>>> In the meantime good news - here's the text of my reply to Allan:
>>> Hi Allan,
>>> Thanks for the quick response.
>>> I downloaded kmymoney-x86-setup-4.6.4.exe from sourceforge.net.
>>> However, pleased to report that I have cracked the problem in the last
>>> couple of minutes - the AHA! moment was when I found that the program only
>>> starts if you "Run as an administrator". Simple when you know how.
>>> I checked it on my "other" laptop - also running Windows7 64 bit - and the
>>> same applies.
>>> On either machine, if run in "user" mode nothing noticeable happens, other
>>> than maybe a bit of a tick from an HDD.
>>> Although I've been using Windows 7 for around 5 years, I still keep the
>>> admin / user demarcation from XP days. I find that having to type in a
>>> password rather than just (unthinkingly) clicking on what could be a major
>>> system change gives an extra bit of security.
>>> I didn't see anything about using admin mode in the installation guide -
>>> could I suggest mentioning this somewhere?
>>> Thanks again - I've been looking for something to replace MS Money for a
>>> good few years so I'm really pleased to have found this program.
>>> Alec
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