[Kmymoney-devel] Check printing (again)

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 31 23:16:18 UTC 2014

On 2014.08.31 18:02, Jack wrote:
> I'm finally documenting the Print check plugin in the manual - but I  
> can't get it to work.   File/Print works, but Transaction/Print check  
> is grayed out.  I do have a template selected in the  
> Settings/Configure KMyMoney/Configur Plugins/Print check dialog.  I  
> have a real check transaction selected in a checking account ledger.
> I've looked at several old emails about this, and it looks like I  
> acutally did get it to work at one point.
> Because I was having problems with my printer, I have even switched  
> printers, and the new one (really just a different old one) works  
> fine in other apps, and printing the home page from KMM.
> Any thoughts on what I might be missing?

More info - it still does not work in my Gentoo installed 4.6.6.   
However, compiling from git, and running that version - it works!   
(more on that in a separate message.)  I'm really not sure what the  
difference is.  I just printed to PDF, so the printer itself shouldn't  

Now - more comments and questions.
- looking in printcheck.cpp line 51, I'm curious why it mentions  
"iCalendar" - is this perhaps just left over from creating this by  
initially copying the iCalender plugin?

- I remember a question on the mailing list about this not doing  
anything if it was called a second time.  There is a "markAsPrinted"  
piece that appears to keep a list of printed transactions, perhaps to  
intentionally avoid printing a check twice.  Do I read it correctly?   
If so, does it make sense, or should there be a way to reprint a check,  
such as if the first copy was damaged?

- I found the list of substitution variables, so I can actually  
document what can go in a template.

- for $DATE, it uses the current date.  I'm tempted to add a  
$CHECK_DATE to use the date from the transaction, but I think I'll wait  
until after this release to attempt that. :-)

- I don't see anything that looks like it would cause this to be  
enabled in the git version and disabled in by distro version - when  
looking at the same .kmy file.

At this point, I'm tempted to just put a note in the doc that use of  
this plugin is not guaranteed, meaning that it might be disabled for an  
indeterminate reason.  I want to get it into the manual, but I don't  
want to spend much more time on it now.


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