[Kmymoney-devel] [kmymoney4] [Bug 337251] Can't save until default is touched

allan agander93 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 19:34:01 UTC 2014


--- Comment #32 from allan <agander93 at gmail.com> ---

> Still everything is 'category' "investment transaction" in the Brokerage
> account, but I will file another report for that.
> Thanks for all your help.

I thinh perhaps ypu are being misled here.

>From Comment #25 -
In FIDELITY (Brokerage), initially, the Details first line shows the 
security name, suffixed (Dividend), the second line shows Investment 
transaction, and the Memo shows DIVIDEND RECEIVED.  If I now double 
click it, and accept the warning, Split transaction now shows, with two 
lines - investAccount:FDRXX  FIDELITY CASH RESERVES, with amount zero, 
and the second line shows Dividend and the amount, both with the memo.
So, try opening the transaction in the Brokerage account, then the split.  You
should see the categories I think you are expecting.  The 'Investment 
transaction' you see initially, is not the category, but, I think , is just
information on the nature of the transaction, like 'Detail'.

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