[Kmymoney-devel] Review Request 119635: Replaced KMyMoneyGlobalSettings::setSubstringSearch(QWidget* w) to make kmm_config independent of widgets

Christian David christian-david at web.de
Wed Aug 6 13:41:40 UTC 2014

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Review request for KMymoney.

Repository: kmymoney


void KMyMoneyGlobalSettings::setSubstringSearch(QWidget* w)
by void KMyMoneyMVCCombo::setSubstringSearchForChildren(QWidget*const widget, bool enabled)

To use this commit you must replace
KMyMoneyMVCCombo::setSubstringSearchForChildren(widgetPtr, !KMyMoneySettings::stringMatchFromStart());

So KMyMoneyMVCCombo is not needed in KMyMoneyGlobalSettings anymore and
the target kmm_config can be used without linking the target "widgets".

My goal is to clean up the build of all widgets. Later there should be
1) a shared library which contains all KMyMoney widgets which are interessting for plugins,
2) a static library which contains widgets which are not interessting for plugins (if there are such widgets, at the moment nearly everything is put here)
3)?a shared library for QtDesigner (which is not working at the moment)


  kmymoney/kmymoney.cpp c4bbf0cbf46250f69f7e2e9c13471c4e6c7cb261 
  kmymoney/kmymoney.kcfg 5d5e09cf9b1d94cec07fe97cda388819fd8a97ed 
  kmymoney/kmymoneyglobalsettings.cpp a6742fa9e329579fd81548b20bfda766ebb27863 
  kmymoney/widgets/kmymoneymvccombo.h a9d8e37ee0a600240c7ca4544964a448770d0a24 
  kmymoney/widgets/kmymoneymvccombo.cpp cf7c21b25716aa99d9e72ee19883f371da816c0c 
  kmymoney/wizards/endingbalancedlg/kendingbalancedlg.cpp adb2adae4c8e086df0a1ce5e62a36cb26859dc76 
  kmymoney/wizards/newloanwizard/knewloanwizard.cpp 5b8134e1345a863a13469dfd32eb56ed99b9bdc2 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119635/diff/


1. kwriteconfig --file kmymoneyrc --group "General Options" --key "stringMatchFromStart" --type bool true
2. restarted KMyMoney
3. tried completion for payees in register
 -- worked as expected --
4. removed option again
5. restarted KMyMoney
6. tried completion for payees in register
 -- worked as expected --


Christian David

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