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> On 30/07/14 22:53, george at wildturkeyranch.net wrote:
> > https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=337251
> >
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> >> On 29/07/14 16:38, george at wildturkeyranch.net wrote:
> >>> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=337251
> >>>
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> >>>> On 28/07/14 17:43, george at wildturkeyranch.net wrote:
> >>>>> Quicken (version 2011)
> >>>>> does not supply "L" records.
> >>>>
> >>>> I want to be clear about this point.  Are you saying that it doesn't
> >>>> *ever* produce "L" records, or that is doesn't the way you use it?  For
> >>>> instance is there any difference between how it exports a transaction
> >>>> that has a category, or how it exports a transaction that does a
> >>>> transfer to/from another, named account, or how it handles a transaction
> >>>> from an investment account having a brokerage account?
> >>>>
> >>>> QIF is a very loose 'standard', but Quicken itself has documented the
> >>>> use of "L" records, so it would be surprising if it has just dropped
> >>>> them altogether.  If KMM tries to cope with such a change, then the full
> >>>> picture will be needed.
> >>>>
> >>>> Allan
> >>>
> >>> I am only talking about the unified investment account transactions where you
> >>> will find 'L' records for transfers but not for the investment transactions.
> >>>
> >>> By the way, my filter supplies these and also separates investment accounts
> >>> into two accounts to match KMM.  Only problem I see is the DIV transactions end
> >>> up with the 'L' record taken as both a transfer and a cat.  Not sure what is
> >>> happening here.
> >>>
> >>
> >> What has been the 'standard', up to now, is that in 'L' records, if the
> >> 'L' is followed with a name in brackets [], then the name is an account,
> >> whereas 'L' followed by a name with no brackets, then that is a category.
> >>
> >> If your original Quicken file follows that, but gives a problem, then
> >> I'd need to look at that with your file.
> >>
> >> So far as the 'X' issue is concerned, I *could* make a change to cope
> >> with that, but I'm fearful that earlier files from other users would
> >> then give trouble.
> >>
> >> Allan
> Hi
> Comments interspersed below.
> > The 'L' record in non-investment accounts seems fine.  I don't see 'L' records
> > in investment accounts except in transfer entries, e.g.:
> >
> > D4/28' 6
> > NDiv
> > CR
> > U180.05
> > T180.05
> > ^
> > If I add (in my 'filter') something like:
> >
> > L[]
> >
> > The entry shows up in the KMM FIDELITY (Brokerage) account as I think it
> > should, however in the KMM FIDELITY account in the 'Edit' window it shows
> > FIDELITY (Brokerage) as the entry in both the Account and the Interest field.
> >
> > Should I also add an 'L' record such as:
> > LDiv
> > ?
> If I create a QIF file with your data exactly as you show, it doesn't 
> import as an investment, but as a checking transaction.
> If I precede it with "!Type:Invst", then it imports.  The activity shows 
> as Dividend, as does the category, and the transfer account as FIDELITY 
> (Brokerage).  There is a split showing the Dividend category and amount. 
>   In FIDELITY (Brokerage), initially, the Details first line shows the 
> security name, suffixed (Dividend), the second line shows Investment 
> transaction, and the Memo shows DIVIDEND RECEIVED.  If I now double 
> click it, and accept the warning, Split transaction now shows, with two 
> lines - investAccount:FDRXX  FIDELITY CASH RESERVES, with amount zero, 
> and the second line shows Dividend and the amount, both with the memo.
> So, that seems to show as I would expect, and without any 'L' record. 
> That is because if no account is specified, the brokerage account is 
> used automatically, being created if it doesn't exist.
> It doesn't seem to be as you say, unless you do also have the 
> "!Type:Invst" line but didn't mention it.
> I'm using the development version, and I know some changes have been 
> made in the last few months, which may not all be in 4.6.4.
> > Is it OK to have two 'L' records?
> >
> I would say that that would result in unspecified results!
> Allan

Yes, of course this is an investment transaction and the "!Type:Invst" is

Now, to expand on this issue of the "Bad Editor"...
I have moved my accounts to KMM and I just got brave enough to down load from
Fidelity.  KMM seems to have completely forgotten that it is dealing with
linked accounts.  Every transaction has the ! diamond and a missing account

AND again, when I try to edit the entry, the editor supplies the missing
account field with the "Enter" button grayed out.  

And then, when I fudge the editor to enter the transaction, the result in the
(Brokerage) account shows a category of "Investment transaction" which I might
accept for buy and sell actions but for Div transactions, I think a different
category should be used.  

I suggest that the account information be expanded to include:
Default linked (Brokerage) account name
Default Category for Div translations
Default Category for Int transactions 
and that these be used for downloaded (imported) transactions.

I am using KMM 4.6.6 now.


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