[Kmymoney-devel] Feature request

Bruno Baumgärtner bruno13 at scotnet.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 13:14:49 UTC 2013

I am using KMyMoney since a couple of years on my Kubuntu and am very satisfied 
with it. However, I miss completely a function to make basic changes to existing 

In my case, I can not change the business year to the Britisch Tax year. Of 
course, I can make a report scanning April 6  to April 5 and get the correct 
result, but the table shows then three columns
April 6 to December 31, January 1 to April 5 and all the total of the 12 columns. 
But that is not all, there are automated division in the programm showing Today, 
Yesterday, last week, last month, this Business year, last Business year and they 
all are based on a calendar year.

There might also be need to make other changes to the basics of an account.

So, is there an easy solution to my immediate problem (which I overlooked), or is 
my suggestion for this function something you developpers might think useful too?

I have not found in the Handbook any hint to do this. However, nobody is perfect, 
so I might have overseen it.

Best greetings
Bruno Baumgärtner

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