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Elton Johnson elton at livingelementshomes.com
Wed Jan 9 02:59:38 UTC 2013

I have been looking at the KMYMoney and it looks like a great software. I
used Quicken until 1997 and got tired of their requirements and quirks.


I have several questions

1.      I had a hard time finding who to contact with a question

2.      It was mentioned about KDE ready desktop or something to that
effect. Is that something I am supposed to download before the KMyMoney.

3.      I saw the mention of a keycode for developers (which I'm not). Is
the user's software encrypted or there is no cloud based interaction for
users so it is not needed?

4.      I have Windows 7: I am uncertain which of 2 versions I should

a.      4.6.3 for KDE Platform 4 (stable) or

b.      4.6.2 for your Windows PC

5.      Are the plug-ins for users also? I'm particularly interested in the
print checks and calendar.

a.      I saw the one for KBanking to apparently allow for account downloads
from the banks. This was something always quirky with Quicken and produced
more screwups to correct than help. I have accounts at 4 different banks.
All but one provide comma delimited CSV downloads. Is that what the KBanking
does? Or is it through Quicken files.

b.      By the way as Feedback I think allowing CSV updates would be a great
idea. Even if not directly into the KMyMoney program there could be a simple
form to cut and paste the data into the correct columns and then import into
KMyMoney. Probably too complex for many users but I would like it.



Elton Johnson



Phone: (512) 922-8598

Email: elton at livingelementshomes.com


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