[Kmymoney-devel] Review Request 112364: BUG:312816 - Implement resizing of ledger Number column (and others)., and Interest category and amount disappear when new fee entered in Dividend.

Allan Anderson agander93 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 17:13:00 UTC 2013

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Review request for KMymoney.


If I choose to use a complex system for check numbers, such that the whole number is not visible,
the only way I have available is to stretch the whole window. However, even that doesn't help,
as the whole of the increase is grabbed by the Details column.  I accept that it is likely that that
column is going to need to be the widest.  Then, why are the Payment and Deposit columns twice the
width of the Balance column, when that column may be likely to have the greatest value?  Ditto for
the Date.

This fix allows modification of column widths, but also resizes the individual columns to more suitable widths.

I found that Thomas had started to implement something similar some while ago, so I have built upon and expanded that.

I found that the edit widgets were particularly troublesome, in failing to appear/disappear with the show() and hide()
methods, which I'd previously found when last in this area. Then, when the screen was being resized, they flickered
more than acceptable. Eventually, where necessary, I resorted to zeroing/resetting the height instead, which resolved
the issue, although with some complication.

This addresses bugs 312816 and 322768.


  kmymoney/dialogs/investactivities.cpp 50f33ed 
  kmymoney/dialogs/investtransactioneditor.h 3e62c2a 
  kmymoney/dialogs/investtransactioneditor.cpp e9f87fb 
  kmymoney/dialogs/transactioneditor.h f07dafb 
  kmymoney/dialogs/transactioneditor.cpp 39049cf 
  kmymoney/views/kgloballedgerview.h 04a6303 
  kmymoney/views/kgloballedgerview.cpp 78d98b2 
  kmymoney/widgets/register.h eebe78d 
  kmymoney/widgets/register.cpp 1bdf5bd 
  kmymoney/widgets/transactionform.cpp 642e98f 

Diff: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/112364/diff/


Extensive editing of sample files, and changing back and forth between different activity types, which tended to show
problem areas. atype run.


Allan Anderson

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