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Wed Sep 19 13:04:57 UTC 2012

Here is the initial beta of KMMDroid. It is pretty stable in my testing
that I have been doing on my phone. I have used it a lot over the past few
months with only a few minor glitches that I have tried to clean up.

Some design choices that I have made for right now to make it functional
are as follows:

- It is NOT optimized for anything other than a phone. It will run on a
tablet, but the layouts will be short and compact. I am aware of this and
once I get one more feature implemented I will be going back and adding
more layouts for tablets in particular. When I first started this port over
a year ago, I did not have a tablet to test it on so everything was geared
to the phone.
- The app only runs in portrait mode, again this is because the layouts are
just not included for landscape views. On the phone it may never happen,
but tablets make more sense to have landscape as they have more screen real
estate to use.
- It has been written for Android 3.0, which is Gingerbread. It will run
just fine on 4.0 and 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean) but there
are no optimizations included or new features from the later OS. They will
be added in at the same time frame as the new layouts.
- When viewing the ledgers, the number of transactions that are loaded into
memory has been hard coded to one year. This was done at first to move
things along and to make it functional and to be honest, if you need to
find something further than year ago it would be faster on the desktop. I
will consider changing this in the future.
- There is NO transaction syncing from the phone/tablet to the desktop. All
you can do is copy the entire database from the phone to the desktop and
back again.
- There have been issues reported when opening up a datafile that was not
using USD. I have not made any attempt at translating money yet, once
things are more stable I will look into this.
- If you are using the Home Screen Widget I think you have to make sure
that you have the option selected to automatically open the last file used
in order for things to run correctly. I am not 100% sure on this still, so
please let me know if you experience issues by not having this feature
- I have not updated the initial splash screen yet so it is purely a holder
that I took from KMM, this is by no means related to KMM4 or included with
it. I grabbed that particular png file from the desktop as a holder and
have never replaced it. I have someone working on one for KMMDroid
specifically that will be included once it is completed.

*What does the application do?*

- Works only with the sqlite3 database files from KMM desktop. You must
first save/export your current desktop datafile to an sqlite3 database and
when you save it you must add the extension of "sqlite". If you do not add
the extension, when you move the file to your phone/tablet and select open
in the app, you won't find the file.
- You must have a means to move the database from your desktop to your
phone. I have been using Dropbox for my needs but you could also use
GoogleDrive, UbutnuOne or physically copy the file to your sdcard on your
- You can perform all CRUD functions for all the major areas (Accounts {not
all types are included yet}, Categories, Payees, Institutions and
- Home screen widget that can display a user selected number of weeks of
upcoming Schedules along with a running balance and the balance of the user
selected checking/savings account. Currently the widget will only pull
schedules from one account, so if you have schedules setup in multiple
accounts, not all of them will show up then.
- Enter, Edit, Delete and Skip scheduled transactions from the home screen
- User selectable notifications. Specify the time of day you want to be
notified of any past due, due today schedules and you can also have the
system automatically enter schedules if you have them created that way. You
will also get a notified of any schedules that where automatically entered
for you. Clicking on the notification will give you a report of all the
past due, due today and auto entered schedules. From this report you can
enter, edit, delete or skip the schedules or you can view the already
entered transactions.
- Has a "Cash Required" report that will show you the upcoming required
cash based on your schedules for a time period that the user selects.
- Quick enter of transactions from the home screen widget by selecting the
add icon.
- View all your data Payees, Schedules, Categories, Accounts, Institutions.
- View transactions for a Payee from the payee screen similar to the

I am sure I have missed stuff, it has been so long that I have been working
on this project AND using it that I probably forgot them. I don't have any
kind of manual out yet so you will have to poke around and see what
happens. Right now I can only assure you that it will work on USD currency
files and in English. It is setup and ready for translations but again I
want to iron things out first.

*What lies ahead?

*- Next feature that I am working on is application syncing of the entire
file to a cloud service of the user's choice. (Dropbox, GoogleDrive and
UbuntuOne) The user will be able to specify how often to check for outdated
files and if you want to only sync via WiFi only, data only or both.
- Updated featured to take advantage of new features from Android 4.0 and
- Tablet layouts
- Better navigation system (Instead of the menu system I am thinking of a
scrollable bar at the bottom with icons on it).
- Ability to do CRUD operations on the account types that are left out
right now. (Credit cards, loans and equity)

I really was looking for and aiming for a "light weight" version of KMM on
the phone. So many options just won't be implemented, creating new
databases, reconciling accounts and the like. If you need to do those items
then you will need and probably should be using the desktop version. :)

If you find bugs please drop me an email or you can catch me on GoogleTalk
at eabonney AT gmail.com. Please understand the risks of using this
software right now before you decide to use it. I have made every attempt
to make sure it is stable and won't corrupt your database, but I can't
guarantee it right now. I have been using it myself for many many months
without issues but as always, things can happen. So please make sure you
have a backup just in case. I am looking forward to all the feedback you
folks can provide.

Last note, you will need to make sure that you allow installation of
unknown apps in the security settings of you tablet or phone. If Thomas and
folks don't want me to clog up this list with the ports bugs and requests
please let me know and I will try and find a way to start a different
mailinglist or we can just do it over my development email which is
different than the one I use for the mailinglist here.

Thanks again and I hope you folks like it so far! :)

Direct download link to the beta: KMMDroid
KMMDroid GitHub repository(read-only): KMMDroid Git
Web location for GitHub repository:
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