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Sorry forgot to cc the mailing list. :-)
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Hey Folks,

There has been a lot of work on this in just the last month or so. I have
something ready of anyone wants to look at it. I still have some bugs and
kinks I am working out but I have been using this on just device now for a
while with no issues.

I know that when I last gave a version to someone that was not set for US
dollars the app behaved very different as for balances shown etc. I have
not had time to look at that specific issue.

If anyone wants a preview let me know and I will email you the apk.

As a reminder, this project right now only works with sqlite databases,
files are not encrypted yet and you must have some means to get the file to
your device, either with Dropbox, Google Drive etc. There are plans to add
this in the near future but I am now more focused on making the app stable
and not adding new features yet. It should work on any Android device
running Gingerbread or later.

Thanks for the interest and all the help and support the group has given me
in this very long project. :-)

On Sep 6, 2012 1:24 PM, "MK" <mailing.m1 at kkk-web.de> wrote:

> Hi!
> > The only thing I'm currently missing very much is a simple mobile app
> > which would enable me to enter new transactions on the go and sync them
> > with a desktop app when I'm back home.
> Eric Bonney is currently working on an android port of kmymoney. He
> promissed to have a beta version ready anytime soon... Please contact him
> directly - I'm sure he appreciates some help!
> I'm really looking forward to your app, Eric! ;-)
> Regards,
> Martin
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