[Kmymoney-devel] Review Request: Adding Tags to Kmymoney - first draft

Mikael Kujanpää mahead80 at nic.fi
Thu Oct 25 20:00:33 UTC 2012

lauantai, 20. lokakuuta 2012 23:09:16 Alessandro Russo kirjoitti:

> I'd appreciate if somebody can try to apply the changes and build the
> modified kmymoney and make some tests.

I hear you!

I downloaded the latest source from git and applied your patch. 
went smoothly. After launching KMyMoney, I was surprised how complete 
patch is already, great work! I did take only a quick look, so I didn't 
very much, but I will try to test more fully during the weekend. Here 
are my

- Tag icon is missing in the left panel (I'm sure you are aware of 
this, but
still thought to mention it.)

- Adding tag. I think it would be more user friendly to have first text 
where tag name can be written, and then button to add it. If I 
correctly, now I have to first add the tag, then select it and rename 
it to
the name I want to use. Also, having filter field is great, but for now 
looked like the field was meant for that kind of use that I described. 
adding my first tag felt a bit weird when I wrote "tag" to the field, 
pressed +-button and ended up having the text field cleared and having 
named "New Tag".

- Open existing transaction, select tag for it, but cancel immediately 
editing => KMyMoney crashes.

- Splipts. I recall you asked in some post how these should work. I 
there should be possibility to add different tags for different splits 
the same transaction. For example, let's assume I have two cars and 
tags for
them named "Car 1" and "Car 2". I also have category "other car 
Now I buy new windscreen wipers for both cars at the same time. So I 
will end
up to have one transaction with two splits, so in order to get correct 
report for both cars, I need to have ability to tag splits separately.

That was based on quick look. Feedback from reviewing and testing tends 
to be
always negative since it points what is not working as expected, so I 
want to
emphasize that I was really positively surprised how comprehensively 
you have
already managed to get the tags to work. Keep up the good work.


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