[Kmymoney-devel] Is it a bug in a stable version ?

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 5 23:35:55 UTC 2012

On 2012.03.05 16:31, Herve CHOMIER wrote:
> Hello,

> First, thank you for your answer, asking me to use this e-mail adress  
> As i said before, i am a french guy, so my english is not so good as  
> your.
As Allan already said, your English is clearly better than my French.   
Translation can sometimes be difficult, but this is a very  
international group.

> I am using Kmymoney since 15 months without main problems until to  
> day (I work with a version proposed by ubuntu software center, a  
> with Ubuntu 11.10 and gnome 3.2 but in classical appearance.
4.5.3 is rather old; 4.6.2 is the current version.  Hopefully someone  
else will provide the instructions for you to get an updated version.

> Each sunday, i realise a copy of my current file. I store this file  
> on a second partition of my hard disk (only for datas) and also on a  
> second external hard disk.
> A few hours before this mail, i try to open and launch Kmymoney  
> charging "4 Mars.kmy" file. The indication "4 Mars(modified) appears  
> and freezes Kmymoney.
> So i shutdown my PC. After that, first several times i try to charge  
> differents previous files (without success).
> I uninstall Kmymoney by the instruction "sudo apt-get remove --purge  
> Kmymoney". I shutdown PC, and reinstall Kmymoney by "Ubuntu software  
> center" (version
> But there is something corrupted, cause i obtain the same result.
What we need to figure out is exactly what is corrupt.  More recent  
versions of KMM do better checking of the internal organization of the  
data file, which is a very good reason to upgrade.

> I don't know what to do to solve the problem and i hope you will help  
> me.
First, try to run kmymoney from the command line with "kmymoney -n"  
which will start the program without opening a kmy file.  Then select  
Settings/ConfigureKMyMoney from the menu bar.  Click on "Home" (the  
second icon) on the left side, and remove the check from all the items  
on the right.  Accept the changes, then open your data file.  If it  
opens the file, select  Tools / Consistency Check from the menu bar.   
(Hopefully you can find the correct menu items in translation.)  The  
consistency check may find problems that have managed to get into the  
data file - but many of them can be fixed, so post here what the  
results are.


> Thank you for your response or idea about what to do
> H Chomier

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