[Kmymoney-devel] [patch] payee matching improvement

Łukasz Maszczyński lukasz at maszczynski.net
Sun Jul 1 19:07:04 UTC 2012


I've prepared a patch (attached) to improve payee matching.

In short:
disallowed matching payee by using match key of " " (single space) character.

More detailed explanation:
There are three possible options when it comes to payee matching:
1. no matching
2. by payee name
3. by list of keys

When the 3rd option is selected it's easy to make a mistake (like I
did) and add a single space as the match key - the user is unlikely to
realize this, as "space key" is not visible on the list (it's just a
space, right?) unless selected. The consequence of this mistake is
that nearly all transactions will matched the payee (most of
transactions contain at least one space in the 'payee' field).

That's why I modified payee matching algorithm to allow only keys
which contain at least one non-space character.

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