[Kmymoney-devel] strangeness importing csv

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Sat Jan 21 12:44:46 UTC 2012


on Saturday 21 January 2012 13:30:29 Allan wrote:

> On 21/01/12 11:37, Doug Lytle wrote:
> > Allan wrote:
> >>> The amount has been imported as $500.00 not $5.00. Do I explicitly need
> >>> to specify the decimal symbol?
> > 
> > Can't this be obtained from the KDE Locale settings, so it doesn't need
> > any user input? Or an option to save it as a default? I find it awkward
> > to have to select it each time I do an import.
> > 
> > Doug
> It could, Doug, but the snag with that is that some users use more than
> one currency, which tends to mean that decimal delimiters may be different.

Even worse: living in Germany we are used to use the comma as decimal 
separator. Depending on which software vendor and application you get a hold 
on, their German version spits out data with a comma as separator or a 
decimal. So you can't really rely on the locale setting which might be wrong 
in one or the other case. I agree, that you don't see this happening in a 
locale using the dot as decimal separator.

> However, the next version, soon to be available via git HEAD, will allow
> the user to set a profile for each different format he/she uses.  So
> that should take care of your requirement.

The QIF importer has some magic to detect which separators are used. Maybe you 
can take a look at it to see if you can use it. It requires to read the file 
twice though, but that shouldn't be a problem.



Thomas Baumgart

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