[Kmymoney-devel] strangeness importing csv

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 21 00:07:19 UTC 2012

I've been trying to import a csv file I just created myself.  The  
purpose is to add a transaction for a cash tip to match every one of a  
particular set of transactions I exported with a custom report.  A  
typical line in the file is:

2011-02-04,Personal: Appearance/Grooming,Hair Shop,-5.00,Tip

Clearly most of the errors I'm getting are just due to careless  
fingers, as they don't repeat.  However, some are persistent.

When I click "import" I get a popup asking me to enter the debit flag  
column number.  I cancel, hit import again, and it imports.  I assume a  
debit flag would be something to tell whether the "amount" column is a  
debit or credit - but why not put this on the main dialog?

Even though "Hair Shop" (actually the name of the person) is already a  
payee, it always creates a new payee - with the identical name, as far  
as I can tell.  Is there any way to assure it uses an existing payee?

The amount has been imported as $500.00 not $5.00.  Do I explicitly  
need to specify the decimal symbol?

Is there any way to get the category assigned, or will that work once I  
get it to use the existing payee?

Thanks for any suggestions.  (I know I could just leave the import as  
is and then edit all the transactions at once, since this is just a one  
time exercise, but I figured I'd prefer to understand what, if  
anything, I'm doing wrong.


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