[Kmymoney-devel] Ambiguous shortcut

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 20 23:59:13 UTC 2012

On 2012.01.20 18:47, Allan wrote:
> On 20/01/12 23:23, Jack wrote:
>> Good evening,
>> This has been happening for a few months, but only inconsistently. I
>> start KMM, hit Ctrl+F, and get an error "The key sequence 'Ctrl+F' is
>> ambiguous. Use 'Configure Shortcuts' from the 'Settings' menu to  
>> solve
>> the ambiguity." Looking in 'Configure Shortcuts' there is only one
>> entry for Ctrl-F, for Find Transactions. If I open any ledger and hit
>> Ctrl+F, I get the find transaction dialog, as expected.
>> Does anybody have any idea what the conflict could be?
>> Jack
> Could it be a KDE issue rather than KMM?  I can get a similar warning  
> if I use F11 to get line numbers in the Konqueror editor.

Well,  looking in System Settings / Shortcuts and Gestures / Standard  
Keyboard Shortcuts, it does say Ctrl-F is mapped to Find.

Oddly, it appears to depend on where I have clicked last.  If I click  
in the Views pane on the left, Ctrl-F does bring up Find Transaction.   
If I click anywhere in the main area (Assets and Liabilities Summary,  
etc) it gives the error.  If I go to any other view (at least any I  
have tested) it works correctly.  If I return to the home page, and  
click on the main (right) panel - I get the error.

Perhaps it depends on what type of widget has the focus?

Very strange.


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