[Kmymoney-devel] Aneroid port status update

Cristian Oneț onet.cristian at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 19:26:14 UTC 2012

On Friday 13 January 2012 12:42:01 Eric Bonney wrote:
> Hello all, I have not given up on this and actually I am very close now to
> giving out a copy to folks to mess around with. I finally have all CRUD
> operations complete for all of the basic operations. I have a few minor
> bugs to track down and then it will be at a point where I will be stopping
> until after April 15. I work in public accounting here in the States and
> will have almost no free time until after that date.
> I have a list of folks who initially indicated interest in testing but if
> anyone else would like to see the alpha version please drop me a note. If
> all goes well I hope to have a version out by next weekend. I use it right
> now as read only on my device but I just finished the operations for
> transactions this morning. I want to test those a bit more still.
> Anyways it had been a long time since I last posted and wanted everyone to
> know the project is still alive and well. :)

Show me the code :D.

> Eric

Cristian Oneț
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