[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 291226] Empty account file data

David asdv42 at aol.com
Thu Jan 12 23:04:49 UTC 2012


--- Comment #5 from David <asdv42 aol com>  2012-01-12 23:04:49 ---
Cristian comments :

Yes I got an output. Let me show you a compiled extract below.

Jack comments :
I checked my trash but I found only older file transfered before this issue.

I tried to create a new file.
The first windows requests to configure a new account with minimum information
(such as account name) to be able to save it.
What i don't understand, when i open my "remaining" file, i arrive to same
configuration windows than a new creation but there is no information fulfilled
on (such as account name). 
So how did this file be saved before whereas all minimum information are not
integrated in ?

Compiled Extract:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <CREATION_DATE date="2012-01-10"/>
  <LAST_MODIFIED_DATE date="2012-01-10"/>
  <VERSION id="1"/>
  <FIXVERSION id="2"/>
<USER email="" name="">
  <ADDRESS street="" telephone="" county="" city="" zipcode=""/>
 <INSTITUTIONS count="0"/>
 <PAYEES count="0"/>
 <ACCOUNTS count="5">
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="" opened="" number=""
lastmodified="" type="9" id="AStd::Asset" lastreconciled="" institution=""
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="" opened="" number=""
lastmodified="" type="10" id="AStd::Liability" lastreconciled="" institution=""
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="" opened="" number=""
lastmodified="" type="13" id="AStd::Expense" lastreconciled="" institution=""
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="" opened="" number=""
lastmodified="" type="12" id="AStd::Income" lastreconciled="" institution=""
  <ACCOUNT currency="EUR" description="" parentaccount="" opened="" number=""
lastmodified="" type="16" id="AStd::Equity" lastreconciled="" institution=""
 <TRANSACTIONS count="0"/>
  <PAIR key="kmm-baseCurrency" value="EUR"/>
 <SCHEDULES count="0"/>
 <SECURITIES count="0"/>
 <CURRENCIES count="182">
  <CURRENCY saf="100" symbol="ADF" type="3" id="ADF" name="Andorre, Franc"
ppu="100" scf="100"/>
 <PRICES count="20">
  <PRICEPAIR from="ATS" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="10000/137603" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="BEF" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="10000/403399" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="BGL" to="BGN">
   <PRICE price="1/1000" source="KMyMoney" date="1999-07-05"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="CYP" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="585274/1000000" source="KMyMoney" date="2008-01-01"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="DEM" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100000/195583" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="ESP" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="1000/166386" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="FIM" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100000/594573" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="FRF" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100000/655957" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="GRD" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100/34075" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="IEP" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="1000000/787564" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="ITL" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100/193627" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="LUF" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="10000/403399" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="MTL" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="429300/1000000" source="KMyMoney" date="2008-01-01"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="NLG" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100000/220371" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="PTE" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="1000/200482" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="ROL" to="RON">
   <PRICE price="1/10000" source="KMyMoney" date="2005-06-30"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="RUR" to="RUB">
   <PRICE price="1/1000" source="KMyMoney" date="1998-01-01"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="SIT" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="100/23964" source="KMyMoney" date="2006-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="SKK" to="EUR">
   <PRICE price="1000/30126" source="KMyMoney" date="2008-12-31"/>
  <PRICEPAIR from="TRL" to="TRY">
   <PRICE price="1/1000000" source="KMyMoney" date="2004-12-31"/>
 <REPORTS count="0"/>
 <BUDGETS count="0"/>

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