[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 272712] Option to automatically place transactions in categories by fields other than Payee

Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 5 18:35:30 UTC 2012


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--- Comment #14 from Jack <ostroffjh users sourceforge net>  2012-01-05 18:35:30 ---
I think we are going in circles.  I do understand about the bank not being
consistent.  However, given that you can look in any of several fields, can you
consistently and correctly get transactions assigned to the right Payee?  If
so, then using the "set default category" will always set transactions matched
to that payee to the same category.  The only issue is that if an import fails
to match because the bank has changed again, redo the import telling KMM to use
a different field to match the Payee.

One possible enhancement request here is a setting for KMM to look in more than
one field in an import (payee, memo, description) to match the payee, and only
create a new payee if none of them match.  If this sounds useful, I'll be glad
to create a new wishlist entry for it.

Regarding Payee vs Category based workflow, I think that's all in your
perception.  For example, I have a Payee of "Misc Grocery" that has entries to
match any of the grocery stores that don't have their own Payee.  The "Misc
Grocery" payee always uses the "groceries" category.  Even if sometimes I have
to change which field KMM matches on, depending on the bank changing its
format, it gets the right payee and category.

What you propose - having KMM match the Category before it matches the Payee,
still has exactly the same problem.  Having a default Payee for a given
Category is essentially the same as having a "Misc X" payee which always uses
Category "X" since the effort for KMM to make the match is exactly the same,
since you can't predict which import field will have the useful string to

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