[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 272712] Option to automatically place transactions in categories by fields other than Payee

David Alston david.alston at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 18:00:44 UTC 2012


--- Comment #13 from David Alston <david alston gmail com>  2012-01-05 18:00:43 ---
I have been using the "set default category per payee" feature.  Unfortunately,
the export my bank provides me doesn't consistently provide useful strings to
match on in the same field.  Sometimes the more useful string for matching (eg.
the grocery store name) is listed in the Memo field while other times it is
listed in the Payee field.

As far as transactions that might appear in more than one category are
concerned I suspect that that will need to be managed manually by whoever is
importing the data and setting up the auto-categorizing.  If I get both gas and
groceries at Kroger then I should probably not setup a rule to automatically
categorize anything with Kroger in it.. or setup the rule for Groceries and
remember to manually change the Category to "Fuel" when I review the

Some additional thoughts.. I suppose what my feature request is ultimately
suggesting is a shift from a Payee-based workflow to a Category-based workflow.
 I don't know how it is on other people's statements, but the Payee category
seems to be very flexible in the eyes of my bank (sometimes obscure strings,
sometimes strings that vary only mildly for transactions with franchises) while
my categories remain much more consistent month-to-month.  The more flexible
the rules for auto-categorizing the more easily I can manage those rules to
reflect my actual cashflow usage.  Right now adjusting the Payee to match on
arbitrary strings provides quite a bit of that functionality already;
unfortunately I can't fully leverage that feature because my bank's particular
export formats does not consistently provide the relevant information in
consistent fields.

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