[Kmymoney-devel] Review Request: Refactoring of matching a transaction-under-import

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Mon Dec 10 15:24:50 UTC 2012

Hi all,

On Sunday 09 December 2012 09:32:01 Alvaro Soliverez wrote:

> Every dependency we bring into KMyMoney has a clear set of features and
> benefits for the application (libGMP, libofx, aqbanking, etc.). In this
> case, I only see a limited value for the developers. And it seems to me,
> this  could be done the Qt way. Maybe the other way is more clear, but the
> only real benefit is readability. Perhaps maintainability, but that's
> offset by adding a new dependency.
> I don't have the final word on this, but my vote is against adding boost as
> a dependency. At least, until a real benefit for the application is shown.

I second Alvaro's opinion on this one. I am not against Boost or any other 
library per se, but we should see a clear benefit for the user (not the 
developer) while adding a dependency to some other library.

Unless we would safe hundreds of lines of code by using another lib ....



Thomas Baumgart

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