[Kmymoney-devel] New problem entering investment transaction

Allan agander93 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 22:48:08 UTC 2012

On 20/04/12 23:16, Jack wrote:
> On 2012.04.20 15:16, Allan wrote:
>> On 20/04/12 19:02, Jack wrote:
>>> I have a dividend reinvestment transaction which I cannot find a way
>>> to enter. My broker (Merrill Lynch) includes a partial share purchase
>>> in the value of the transaction, but only indicates the whole number
>>> of shares purchased. I normally use a category of "partial share
>>> purchase" to account for the difference between the cost of the whole
>>> shares purchased and the full amount of the dividend. I just use "add
>>> shares" when the partials are enough for them to credit me with
>>> another whole share. However, today I have a dividend which is only
>>> enough for a partial share. The "reinvest dividend" transaction will
>>> not allow 0 shares. The "dividend" transaction will not allow 0 as
>>> the total value ($.54 for dividend and -.$54 for partial share
>>> purchase). I want to record the dividend, but there is no change in
>>> number of owned shares or in the balance of the brokerage account. Is
>>> there any way to do this? I don't really think there is any bug, and
>>> I'm not sure whether it makes sense to file an enhancement request to
>>> allow purchase of 0 shares or dividend of 0. Is there any way I can
>>> do this, or do I have to fudge the numbers, adding a whole share and
>>> then removing it? Thanks for any suggestions.
>> It's possible I'm not understanding fully, but it sounds like today
>> you've received a dividend. Can't it just be recorded as such, and
>> transfered into the brokerage account. Similarly for following partial
>> payments. Then, when Merrill do cough up the share, buy it using the
>> funds in the brokerage acount.
> That would be the logical thing to do - but it would not reflect my
> account, as the brokerage account is NOT increased by the amount of the
> dividend. (It would work, but reconciliation would likely always be off
> by a small amount of "pending" reinvestment amounts.

I take it here that 'the brokerage account' is as seen by Merrill?  If
that is so, then your suggested 'shadow' brokerage account would be what
I was thinking of.

> I suspect the
> "right" way to do this is just to make the reinvestment purchase of the
> partial share, and as long as my count of shares is within 1 of theirs,
> count it accurate. Another option would be to create a separate "shadow"
> brokerage account with just those odd amounts. Again - this is really
> due to the way Merrill Lynch handles this. This is also the case where
> each such reinvestment is sent to me as three separate transactions -
> one for the dividend, on for the reinvestment (with no details except
> the total amount), and a third with all the details (price, number of
> shares, ...)

Yes, I remember your file!  I still use it in testing.


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