[Kmymoney-devel] Questions on moving average chart (report)

Jack ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 18 19:02:08 UTC 2012

I started exploring the moving average vs. actual chart, prompted by a  
question of someone translating KMM, and came up with a number of  

1) There are several issues with the legend.  The colors of the lines  
and symbols do not match between the graph and the legend.  The legend  
does not appear to be in any particular order, and it only includes  
five items (actual and moving average for each) and it's not at all  
clear how those five were selected.  They are not the highest value nor  
are then the first five alphabetically.  Even if the user cannot  
control this, the actual selection method should be clear.

2) The moving average vs. actual graph takes some time to process  
(which is not a problem) but there seems to be no way to interrupt the  
process.  For example, if I select the graph, then select "Configure,"  
even if I "Close" configure without changing any values, it  
recalculates the graph.  In addition, I have to wait for it to finish  
recalculating the graph before I can close it.  It would be nice to be  
able to close a report without waiting for it to finish calculating.

3) If I open the default moving average vs actual graph, select and  
then close "configure" without changing anything, a (Customized)  
version of the graph is created.  I would think this should only be  
done if any values were actually changed from the default.  (I suspect  
this is true of all reports, but I have not checked.)

4) If I configure the moving average vs. actual, whether or not I  
actually change anything in the configuration, the chart shows only a  
single line for each asset, and it does not specify either actual or  
moving average.  In addition, the legend now shows ten assets, in no  
apparent order.

5) In the investment moving average price graph, the Configure screen  
has the "average days" grayed out.  Is there some other setting  
required to enable this?

I don't see any bugs related to any of these - are these known issues,  
and are any of them worth filing a bug?


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