[Kmymoney-devel] Problem with assignment of transactions to the correct online account mapped to via KBanking

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Sat Mar 26 00:48:08 CET 2011

OS:				Mac OSX
KMyMoney4: 	svn version 1225914 (installed via MacPorts' port "kmymoney4-devel")

Online access is done with KBanking.

I have 2 Postbank Sparcards. They have of course two different account numbers: say ****25 and ****95.

The problem is that the transactions of the 2nd card are put into the 1st ledger.

Steps to repoduce:

When I now go to the legder of ****25 and do an update, all new transactions will be downloaded and added to the 1st's ledger.

Now I go to account ledger of ****95 and do an update, but its new transactions won't appear in the ****95 ledger, but in ****25.

How can that be?

I have to say that when I remove the mapping of the accounts to the KBanking accounts errors are being thrown:

	"Unable to map account to online account: unknown account id"

but the mapping itself is done anyway, which is clear due to the fact that the transactions are all correctly downloaded, but simply not properly distributed to the correct accounts in KMM!

I want to add that this DOES NOT HAPPEN in KMyMoney 1.0.5 with exactly the same kmy file.

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