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Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Fri Mar 4 09:04:11 CET 2011


on Friday 04 March 2011 01:22:10 aga wrote:

> Having a day or so ago updated the csv plugin, it became possible to
> extend unit testing to the recent extra functionality, so off I went.
> I've made some decent progress but was a little puzzled as to what is a
> valid monetary value, and what is not.  So, I thought I'd try out some
> values in a qif import.  If anything, I'm now more puzzled.
> The immediate issue I had was whether it was valid to have no decimal
> places in an amount, and obviously this should be OK.  So, I thought,
> an amount '123,456' should, depending upon one's locale, be accepted
> either as 123 thousand, four hundred and fifty six, or 123 point 456.
> So, I made a qif file, and imported using UK locale.  I then repeated
> the process, but with the order of the entries reversed, to make for
> easier comparison with KMM, but was surprised to see that the results
> changed.  First run in ( ),  second run results in [ ].  A third run
> with German locale produced the same results as the second, except that
> 12.35 became 12,35.  So, at least that entry seems correct.
> !Type:Bank
> D16/09/2009
> Ppayee
> T12.3456  (imports as 123456,00) [12.35]
> ^
> D15/09/2009
> Ppayee
> T987,654  (imports as 987,65) [987654,00]
> ^
> D14/09/2009
> Ppayee
> T-123,456.78  (-123,46) [-123456,78]
> ^
> D13/09/2009
> Ppayee
> T123,456  (imports as 123,46) [123456,00]
> ^
> The file entries with ',' I was expecting to be accepted as so many
> hundreds of thousands, but the comma appears to cause confusion.
> Or, is it me, again?

Having all these different methods in a single file is not a valid test case!

The QIF importer logic goes out and tries to detect the 'right' format and 
uses it for all conversions alike. BTW: The last one for each type wins (thus 
in your example "T123,456". The result will be decimal symbol = ',' and 
thousand separator = none.  This should be the same across all locales, as I 
don't see any locale information used in the whole conversion process. 

If you change the order of the entries in the file, the last one will be a 
different one. In your case 'T12.3456' now wins the game and the assignment is 
as follows: decimal symbol = '.' and thousand separator = none.

Looking at it, it all makes sense to me and follows the logic I see in source 



Thomas Baumgart

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