[Kmymoney-devel] Importing Puzzles

aga agander93 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 01:22:10 CET 2011

Having a day or so ago updated the csv plugin, it became possible to
extend unit testing to the recent extra functionality, so off I went.

I've made some decent progress but was a little puzzled as to what is a
valid monetary value, and what is not.  So, I thought I'd try out some
values in a qif import.  If anything, I'm now more puzzled.

The immediate issue I had was whether it was valid to have no decimal
places in an amount, and obviously this should be OK.  So, I thought,
an amount '123,456' should, depending upon one's locale, be accepted
either as 123 thousand, four hundred and fifty six, or 123 point 456.

So, I made a qif file, and imported using UK locale.  I then repeated
the process, but with the order of the entries reversed, to make for
easier comparison with KMM, but was surprised to see that the results
changed.  First run in ( ),  second run results in [ ].  A third run
with German locale produced the same results as the second, except that
12.35 became 12,35.  So, at least that entry seems correct.

T12.3456  (imports as 123456,00) [12.35]
T987,654  (imports as 987,65) [987654,00]
T-123,456.78  (-123,46) [-123456,78]
T123,456  (imports as 123,46) [123456,00]

The file entries with ',' I was expecting to be accepted as so many
hundreds of thousands, but the comma appears to cause confusion.
Or, is it me, again?


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